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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back to the well for more zombies...

There's something about super heroes, isn't there? Also, something about TV shows with super heroes that don't do so well, so I don't have very high hopes for The Cape, which is set to premier January 17th on NBC.

Speaking of heroes, I may have mentioned before that comic book writers love to kill of classic heroes. Next up on the super hero death/rebirth cycle: One of the Fantastic 4. So it'll just be the Fantastic 3, which isn't alliterative, so obviously this cannot last long.

It always amazes me that humans keep finding new species. And here is a top 10 list of our weirdest new animals, including my favorite: Yoda bat.

Apparently, the rumors of Frank Darabont's having fired all the writers on AMC's hit The Walking Dead have been greatly exaggerated. Kind of.

Also, here's an interesting interview with creator Robert Kirkman about the process of promoting the TV show as well as the deviations from the comic in its transition to the screen.

Linda Holmes offers this excellent discussion about Google's entrance into the world of e-readers and e-book sellers.

So, as you absolutely must know by now, Christmas is rapidly approaching, and just in case you need something special to get for your someone special, we'll be providing some links to geeky-gifty-awesomeness. First up: A Custom-Crafted Lightsaber HT to Underwire.

Also in the spirit of gift-giving, etc, here's another fantastic (and growing) list of "Favorite Books of 2010." What makes this one especially fun, to me, is that each one is picked by an NPR staff member.

And, one more excellent gift idea: the entire series of Arrested Development for...wait for it...$28. Boom. Consider your gift world rocked. HT to Kottke.

Ok, so that was a lot of zombies, super heroes, and NPR, but rest assured I'll be back soon with a more varied pallet of awesome.

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