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Monday, January 10, 2011

The return of Sky Net Watch

Let's start the week off right, shall we?

First, this is an awesome (and short) video demonstrating the power of infographics. And, to top that off, here's a link to find even more of that kind of stuff. (HT to Roger Deetz for the latter link.)

Remember when adults would tell you that video games would rot your brain (this was after they abandoned the pretense that TV would do that)? Sure, it might, but playing video games could also earn you a cool million bucks.

So you probably heard that a person named Oprah has launched her own (heh) TV network, called OWN. And she had a lot to say about it, and by a lot I mean a fifteen minute monologue about herself.

WIRED offers these thoughts on the nature of being a geek, and how basically everyone is a geek now, and how that poses some problems for genuine creativity.

Finally, big news day for Sky Net Watch: First, Alex Trebek (who everyone believes may actually be a robot) will host Jeopardy as an actual robot (really a "machine"), named Watson, faces off against the two best-ever Jeopardy contestants.

And, second, I give you the "thought-controlled exo-skeleton." "Controlled by thoughts," you say? Well then, let's not have Watson and this exo-skeleton meet, I say.

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