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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sky Net Watch alert level raised

Germany's beloved octopus, Paul, died late 2010, but fear not my Teutonic-critter-loving friends! Behold, Heidi, the cross-eyed opossum.

Just when you thought Kanye West couldn't get any...well, anymore anything, he starts wearing a watch with his own face on it. Stay classy, Kanye. Stay classy. (HT to MonkeySee)

This, from the comic book to movie deal front: the Ant-Man cometh. This is the face of recycled pop-culture, people. Because, nothing, I mean nothing, screams "I'm relevant!" more than a man who know, I'm not even sure what Ant-Man can do....

In the world of literature, the Monitor offers this list of five books that it suspects critics will be lavishing their attention on this year. (Note: none are by Jonathan Franzen.)

Meanwhile, I'm sure that even protozoa have heard that Verizon finally sealed the deal with Apple to break up AT&T's stranglehold on the iPhone. Still, there's at least one person who won't be converting because of her "graceless monkey fingers."

Click here to see a dozen excellent renderings of "Chicktopus." (This is NPR's chicktopus, not to be confused with the Chowder version.)

Finally, Sky Net Watch has been elevated to level beige (there are 99 levels for anyone keeping count) following the recent news of the rebuilding of the Philip K. Dick robot head. It is SUPER CREEPY.

And, despite Electric Power Research Institute's promise that their "Transmission Inspection" robot will "not look like a person," it has an HD optical camera, lidar (that's radar with light), and can function autonomously. Whatever happens, let's not allow the PKD head and TI 'bot hook up. Deal?

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