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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday is Monday edition

Yesterday was Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, and this story, above all, seemed most appropriate to the WRYBrain audience.

In other news, I'm planning on updating the look of things around here in the near future. As you no doubt noticed, there are now bookshelves lining the margins of the blog. These bookshelves, however, are far cooler. (HT to Sassydaze)

Everybody knows that 3D is the biggest, bestest, thing to happen to movies since Avatar, and this guy claims to have made that experience possible without the glasses. Fast forward to the 1 minute mark to see what the trade-off for a glasses-less experience is.

Here we have a new teaser trailer for HBO's highly anticipated mini series Game of Thrones. I never read this series of books, but from the trailer I can guess that it is not a very happy story.

In a move of shocking bias, The King's Speech has received the most BAFTA nominations.

Since I sit at a computer a lot I think a lot about my chair and how much I'm going to regret this desk job thirty years from now. So this Dutch chair, called the "Wigli Stool" has me thinking....

You've no doubt heard that Regis Philbin is leaving daytime TV. But have you heard that Sarah Palin has a Battle Hymn? Both true stories.

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