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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blankety Blanks

The above title is being used until a more suitable one can be found that appropriately addresses the timeliness, humor (?), and brevity of these link lists. (Note: Link Lists would be totally weak, so that's not even on the table. OK?)

To begin:

If you follow football at all, you know there's been a lot of talk about helmet to helmet collision this season, and last Sunday in particular. One of the "villains" of last week was James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers who's known for his big hits. On Sunday, Harrison actually caused two concussions; one was ruled legal (on Josh Cribbs) but he was fined for the second (on Mohamed Massaquoi). So here's the news: Yesterday it was reported that when he plays he tries to hurt people. Now that he's been fined he says that if he can't play football his way he's gong to have to consider retirement. Only one thing to say about that: cry baby.

In news that "you wouldn't expect to see outside the nineteenth century," apparently the pirates are winning! Hat-tip to JJ Sutherland at The Two-Way.

Because you can never be too concerned about the advent of Sky Net, I feel it is our duty to disseminate information of this sort. I know it's only Legos, but harmless little building blocks are just their first, lulling step!

And, on the brighter side of things, here's a fabulous video interview with two of my current favorite creative minds: Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá, the writer/artists (or is it artist/writers) of the just concluded (and incredible!) Vertigo title Daytripper.

Oh, and maybe you've heard of Christine O'Donnell, the "Tea Party favorite," and not a witch, running for Deleware's Senate seat. Yesterday, she made news after a debate in which she basically showed off her ignorance of the Constitution. Today, following a Jon Stewart comment, comparing O'Donnell to Elvira (you remember her!), Elvira has struck back.

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