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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Every day is a good day for zombies

I really wanted to save this for Friday, but Hump Day is just as good, I think. It's a video of 4000 still images taken over a two week period in Morocco and Spain. It's not what you might expect. It's gorgeous. And absolutely worth your time.

In the ongoing debate about whether freely accessible online content hurts print sales, consider this story, in which a yet-to-be-published comic was illegally posted online. Its creator, instead of flipping out and condemning the action, supported it. Now it's a hit - in print.

Following up on one of Monday's items, the Worldwide Zombie Invasion stunt, coordinated for this Sunday's premier of AMC's Walking Dead seems to have gone over rather well. There's news about it all over the place, but this video is a nice three-minute-ish clip-fest from across the globe. Not as cool as Morocco and Spain (which you need to watch first if you haven't yet), but still. Zombies!

Not to get political or anything, but President Obama will be appearing tonight on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show. Stewart is in Washington, D.C., all week in preparation for the combined "Rally to Restore Sanity" and Stephen Colbert's "March to Keep Fear Alive." I only mention it because having a sitting president on a satirist's show kinda seems like letting the fox into the hen-house, no?

If you love complex graphic representations of relationship situations that are often taken for granted, check this out from Jezebel.

And, one final note: it would seem that the government of New Zealand will have to change its laws in order to make sure The Hobbit gets made there. An entire government conforming to the demands of a movie? Maybe it's dramatic, or maybe it's a really, really good idea. The creation of 20,000 jobs, $35million kind of idea.


  1. Actually, having Obama on Stewart's show seems more like letting the hen into the fox house.