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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Seafood Vending Machines, Farmville, and Scary...Muppets?

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I heartily endorse this delightfully quirky video from Nick Cave's side project Grinderman. It's a little freaky, a little funny, and probably NSFW. Hat-tip to my friend, Jeremy Nyhuis, for this one.

My guess is that you must have a pretty deep love of crabs to enjoy them fresh (read: live) out of the vending machine. However, this is precisely what a Chinese company is banking on. More surprising, however, is that they're not even the first to do this. The Japanese have been on the live-crab-in-a-box  bandwagon for a while now.

Bad idea: making another Ghost Rider movie. Worse idea: recasting Nic Cage as Johnny Blaze. Worst idea: cutting the original film's budget in half. This cannot end well.

Think Farmville, Mafia Wars, and all those Facebook games are a huge waste? Think again. According to a recent stock valuation, the company's stock is now worth more than storied game producer EA.

And in news of the tremendously unsurprising, the Scyfy Chanel has announced that even-less-popular-than-its-unpopular-parent-show Caprica has been canceled. Effective immediately.

Just in time for Halloween, Underwire brings us a well-rounded list of the 25 Best Horror Films of All Time.

Speaking of horror movies, Monkey See contributer, Glenn McDonald has this list of this year's top horror flicks which are available now on DVD.

Finally, just to round out the day with some more Halloween-y bits, Best Week Ever continues its costume lists today with terrifying Sesame Street costumes. Unexpected? Yes. Disappointing? No sir.

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