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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hobbits, Robots, and Octopi, oh my!

Crazy weather about the Indianapolis area today.

So what better than surfing the web?

Yesterday I mentioned hobbits, so it's appropriate to begin today with news about Elijah Wood's new project called Wilfred on FX, but I know Archer, and the much talked about It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so I'd definitely take a chance on this Australian import.

In news of the "Who is paying for this?" variety, researchers are trying to prove the reality of near-death experiences by installing pictures in hospitals facing the ceiling. Because, obviously, all disembodied spirits are fascinated by decor.

Perhaps you remember Paul the octopus's amazing streak of eight straight correct World Cup match predictions for this summer's games. That record will remain untarnished as Paul has joined the big aquarium in the sky.

Sky Net Watch continues today with the news that robots may be coming to your home. To play with and teach your children. Look, if the next generation of humans has been conditioned to love and idolize robots, Sky Net will have already won. I'm just sayin'.

Perhaps you remember the film Snakes on a Plane, starring Samuel L. Badass. It was about, uh, yeah, you know what it was about. Well, apparently, certain other reptile species are jealous and want there own movie deal.

And today's winner of the "Why am I not surprised?" award goes to...Sodas!


  1. I may someday allow my children to play with robots, but I will never allow robots to play with my children.

    Fun blog, by the way.