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Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday. Finally.

Over the last year or so, I've become rather enamored of chef, author, and seasoned traveler Anthony Bourdain. I love his writing, and his show on the Travel Chanel, No Reservations, is an endless source of inspiration for future getaways to my fiance and I. So, anyway, I follow his blog, and last month he posted his first piece in some time, indicating the beginning of his new adventures, which would lead ultimately to a new season of TV episodes. The difference I discovered was that this season he's going off the beaten path, so to speak. Instead of Rome, Paris, and Seville, he's going to places like Haiti, Cambodia, and the Congo. Yesterday, he posted about Haiti. That country, as you may know, is amid a cholera epidemic, following a hurricane, which followed the earthquake. So, if you love his writing, check it out. This season, I think, should be both different and quite enlightening if he keeps it up.

In much, much older news (like 2006 old, which is almost forever in this day and age), I discovered yesterday that Margaret Atwood designed something very, very cool.

Yesterday, as you may recall, I mentioned something about Spider-Man getting killed off in a new story arc set to print next month, and the way that this kind of "You are dead," "Now you are not," back and forth has been a recurring motif in comics for a long time. Today, Underwire has an excellent article about the same topic. So, see! I don't just make this stuff up!

Again with the pictures: this time of an absolutely gorgeous wooden bike.

Just in time for the weekend, Sky Net Watch returns with an update. Some genius (read: unsuspecting author of our doom) has hacked the Xbox 360's new Kinect module (the one that tracks your movements to control video games) and has wired it to a robot. Now its creator says that the robot can learn about its surroundings, and detect humans. Great.

If you're a fan of statistics, maps, and wasting time (and, honestly, if you're here, certainly the latter is true;), then check out the Human Development Project, who just released some astounding and head-scratching demographics. HT to the Two-Way.

And, finally, there were two good astrological stories out there this week. First, the one that everyone seems to be talking about: scientists have discovered a planet in the Milky Way that they believe came from another galaxy. Second, scientists (probably different ones, but you never know) believe they have observed the birth of a black hole.

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