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Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's Thursday, and I can't think of a good title.

In the never-ending battle over badassery, Ninjas vs. Pirates, Werewolves vs. Vampires, a new less-than-likely pairing has been discovered: Cowboys vs. Aliens.

Like many of my friends, Star Wars was probably the first "adult" thing that I was a fan of, and ever since then, little projects like this one have always made me smile.

I have to wonder whether this idea being implemented in Philadelphia could catch on everywhere. Lots of potential, I think.

The National Book Awards were last night, and Monkey See offers this wrap up.

It is possible that you may have heard of a young wizard named Harry Potter. There's been a couple of books, some movies.... Anyway, if you don't care to re-read the entire series before the new movie comes out tomorrow, the Christian Science Monitor has your back with a lengthy chronology of the Boy Who Lived's exploits.

And this just in...Dennis Leary is reportedly joining the cast of the new Spider-Man reboot, playing the role of Captain Stacey, the father of Peter Parker's other love interest, Gwen Stacey

Finally, if you're on Facebook, and you're an avid reader, you should check out Wired's article about a new service called Copia, which proposes to bring a store, an app, and networking together for readers. It sounds quite promising, I think.

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