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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Please excuse my absence from the blogosphere the last couple of days. A nasty little cold has had me sidelined at home, though still telecommuting.

So to get back at it, I bring you a video you may have already seen especially if you, like millions of other people on the internet love to watch videos of cute animals. This one even has a theme song and is so gosh-darn adorable that it might even make you squee. Huge hat-tip to Linda Holmes.

Just in case you thought we were done with zombies since Halloween has passed, AMC has signed off on a second season of Walking Dead. Three cheers for zombies!

Fans of internet sensation OK, Go now have a new music video to watch and share ad infinitum.

The debate about art imitating life or life imitating art intensifies with India's announcement that they will attempt to beam solar power back to earth using satellites. Just like they did in the Bond movie Die Another Day.

Christopher Nolan's newest installment of Batman movies now has a nice dark poster to go with its nice dark name. And, if you didn't catch this one a few weeks ago, they announced that Tom Hardy (of Inception fame) has been cast as a lead in the film. My pick for his character: The Penguin.

And if you're a Neil Gaiman fan (and, honestly, who isn't?!) then check out Christopher Salmon's pitch to animate one of Gaiman's most excellent short stories, "The Price."

Finally, Wired offers this look at RockMelt, which has been dubbed the "Facebook Browser." Original? Not completely. But it does look nifty.

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  1. Great stuff all around, thanks as always Jim for the NFO