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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday: The day we wake up believing is Friday

Good news for fans of the excellent NBC show Community, as they've been approved for two more shows, bringing the total for this season to 24. Whew! I hate it when one of the DVDs has fewer episodes than the rest!  

Thanks to censorship, you can safely watch William Shatner perform a very William Shatner-y version of Cee Lo's hit "Bleep You" on Lopez Tonight on You Tube at work. (Wow. That is a mouthful right there.)

So, apparently, according to Chris Morris, director of the upcoming movie Four Lions, terrorists love the Lord of the Rings trilogy. To which I say, "Huh."

This isn't new news, but I had no idea that Edison Pena, the Chilean miner who will be running the NYC marathon actually trained while trapped in the mines. Right on.

Sky Net Watch reports today that "Robonaut 2" is prepped and ready to accompany the human crew of the space shuttle Discovery. Great. That is all we need—a creepy robot on board a space ship. Hasn't anyone at NASA seen 2001: A Space Odysey? Anyone!?

And because I'm such a huge fan of Thanksgiving, and the delicious turkeys that accompany said festivities, here is a quick tip for roasting moister turkeys without the brine.

Finally, a warning to anyone considering investing heavily in 3D technology futures—like, say, a 3D TV, for instance—the next technological wave is already on the horizon.

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