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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lunch Break!

In news of the terribly overdue, iTunes will begin carrying the Beatles catalog. And you can download every Beatles song on iTunes for the low, low price of $150.

Technology is such a wonderful thing. It allows us to communicate across continents, to transfer tons of information cheaply and quickly, and to wage cyberwarfare with kittens and porn. Modern day Hatfields & McCoys right here.

I have to admit, I was just a wee bit stoked to hear that Hellboy director Guillermo del Toro and Battlestar Galactica executive producer David Eick are teaming up to bring The Incredible Hulk back to TV.

And if you're a fan of mash-ups, then you may have heard of Girl Talk who released a new album available for free download here.

So you may have heard of this tiny, little website called Facebook. I think they may have made a movie about it or something. Anyway, news came out yesterday that Facebook is releasing a new messaging platform. It's basically email, except that founder Mark Zuckerberg says its not. Only it kinda is, except that it isn't.

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Gee, I wish my phone was also my credit card." If so, you may be in luck.

Ok, that's all for today. If you're still here, and you've been coming back for more, and you're not following me yet. Consider it. Thanks!

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  1. According to that Facebook article, email "is still a primary form of communication for older adults." Yikes, I just realized I'm an older adult!